Designer, Artist,  General Contractor (QUEENAG925D1)

Daniel Lowery, APLD is an award winning garden designer who has had a love and passion for gardens since he was a child. He believes, “Garden design is an art form. A garden is a 3D living sculpture that is not only beautiful, but works to protect and nourish the owner.”

He is certified by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers based on established standards of excellence. (Only 1 in 5 of APLD members achieve this recognition.)

His focus is on creating northwest gardens that capture the emotional aesthetics of the client while fulfilling their practical needs. “The health and beauty of a garden depends on the location, the light, the land, the design, the plants chosen, and the soil.”



Queen Anne Garden is fortunate to be able to draw on the best botanists, consultants, and garden construction talent in the Northwest. Our team is hand-picked for your project.