Love from our clients…

"Daniel is offering therapeutic treatments cleverly disguised as garden designs. Each time I experience a space he has transformed, I feel an actual shift in my being. It is uncanny. He is truly a Master." ~Barbara M.

“People leave notes in our mailbox thanking us for our garden.” ~ Bill S.

“What started out as The Kissing Garden has become the thirst-quenching soul place.” ~ Marilyn L.

“When everything else is going wrong, there’s always this garden.”  ~ Karen W.

“The morning walk from the house to the garage creates my most serene moments of the day. The garden sets my mood.” ~ Michael M.

“Each day, I look for something new…even a dew drop on a leaf intrigues me.” ~ Karen D.

And love from others…

“We are excited on the days that we work here to see the gardens out each window.” ~ Housekeeper

“I might enjoy your client’s garden more than they do. I have views of their garden all to myself while they are at work.” ~ Neighbor