Welcome and thank you for visiting. It is a big step to consider collaborating with a landscape designer. If we are a good match, you will be entrusting your thoughts, feelings and wishes about your future garden to me. I have two decades of experience designing and building beautiful gardens for families and individuals. My approach to garden design is very personal and each garden I design is a unique work of art.

The art and engineering that goes into design is very important, but healthy plants and a safe environment are extremely important as well. Queen Anne Gardens is a fully organic company. Gardens should not only be well-built and beautiful to look at, but they also need to be healthy places for people, pets and wildlife.

My company provides landscape design solutions that are highly textured, brave in scale, respectful to nature and the neighborhood. Let me help you fall in love with a design and a palette of plants that will bring you joy in every season.

Please contact me with any questions you may have or to set up an initial appointment.

Daniel Lowery


THe Importance of good design

A garden is the place you go to come back to the best part of yourself. The more love you put into designing and developing a garden, the more it gives back to you. It becomes your sanctuary.

We live wired lives. We are dazzled by electronic devices, but there is nothing more high-definition and innovative than a garden.

A garden should be vibrant, colorful, constantly new, and life-affirming. It should reflect a personal definition of delight, be that lush, peaceful, whimsical, sacred and more.



Testimonials from our clients…

"Daniel is offering therapeutic treatments cleverly disguised as garden designs. Each time I experience a space he has transformed, I feel an actual shift in my being. It is uncanny. He is truly a Master." ~Barbara M.

“People leave notes in our mailbox thanking us for our garden.” ~ Bill S.

“What started out as The Kissing Garden has become the thirst-quenching soul place.” ~ Marilyn L.

“When everything else is going wrong, there’s always this garden.”  ~ Karen W.

“The morning walk from the house to the garage creates my most serene moments of the day. The garden sets my mood.” ~ Michael M.

“Each day, I look for something new…even a dew drop on a leaf intrigues me.” ~ Karen D.

And love from others…

“We are excited on the days that we work here to see the gardens out each window.” ~ Housekeeper

“I might enjoy your client’s garden more than they do. I have views of their garden all to myself while they are at work.” ~ Neighbor



Daniel Lowery, APLD Designer, Artist, General Contractor (QUEENAG925D1)

Daniel Lowery, APLD is an award-winning garden designer who has had a love and passion for gardens since he was a child. He believes, “Garden design is an art form. A garden is a 3D living sculpture that is not only beautiful, but works to protect and nourish the owner.”

He is certified by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) based on established standards of excellence. (Only 1 in 5 of APLD members achieve this recognition.)

His focus is on creating northwest gardens that capture the emotional aesthetics of the client while fulfilling their practical needs. “The health and beauty of a garden depends on the location, the light, the land, the design, the plants chosen, and the soil.”


Queen Anne Garden is fortunate to be able to draw on the best botanists, consultants, and garden construction talent in the Northwest. Our team is hand-picked for your project.

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