Founded by award-winning garden designer Daniel Lowery in 1990, Queen Anne Gardens is one of the most respected garden design firms in the Pacific Northwest.


Services, Fees & How it works


Consultation is one of the first steps in having your dream garden designed. We meet and explore first-hand how to harmonize the garden with your personality. We discuss what can be done to create outdoor spaces are not just gorgeous, but also function in a way that enhances your lifestyle. And of course, we also take into account how the garden might work with your house and neighborhood.

We can get a lot done in just an hour or so of consultation. This step is the jumping off point for having your perfect garden built by us. It can also be used as a way for you to gather expert ideas and insights for a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project  or to come up with a plan for building your garden piece-by-piece over a longer time as budget allows. 

Conceptual Design & Master Plan

This is where we work with you on a preliminary design and budget. “Before” photos are taken and are used with overlays to illustrate how various concepts may look.

After the concepts and budgets are approved, a master plan is created. The best results are a collaboration between the client and the designer.

We can specify various stages of development; it is possible to create a plan that allows for the garden to be built one section at a time or in its entirety.  

Garden Development

After plans and budgets are understood and approved, the garden is created. Queen Anne Gardens is licensed, bonded, and insured under general contractor number QUEENAG925D1.  We have excellent business relationships with artists and contractors who are experts in building with metal, stone, wood, and creating water features. These creative-skillful people compliment our design expertise  and vast knowledge of plants and soil.

We are also well-connected to a variety of artists who build sculptures out of metal and/or glass for gardens. 


Charges for services are based on the following hourly rates:

Private On-Site Consultations: $110 per hour, plus mileage within one hour’s radius of the office; if further, then a half-day charge minimum ($440) or full-day charge ($880)

  • Design: $85 per hour (my office)
  • Site Supervision: $85 per hour
  • Skilled Crew: $58 per hour
  • Crew: $45 per hour

The above rates are subject to change. Overtime charges will be applied to regular hourly rates if the client’s requirements necessitate overtime work.


Charges for services not furnished by Queen Anne Gardens, such as rental of special equipment, services of outside consultation, technical firms, printing, and photographic reproductions, will be computed at cost plus 10%. If incurred on a project, mileage will be charged at $1.30 per mile. Project fees, permits, and graphic supplies will be charged at cost.


Plant materials and hard goods are billed upon delivery. Fees and outside services will be billed monthly as work progresses, and the amount of each invoice shall be due and payable upon receipt.

 Contact us at 206-285-6770